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Welcome to Quartzsite Fire and Rescue

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Good Morning – The Latest…. Quartzsite Fire and Rescue

Good morning. It’s just about 66° in Quartzsite at the moment. Should be a good Sunday with a high temperature near 92°. Our calls for October 17, 2014 include: At apx. 10:56am

Calls for Service – October 17, 2014

Hello again and good evening. Our calls for October 15, 2014 include: Call for service number 1000 for this year came to us at apx. 4:08pm. We assisted a citizen with a

Update for October 15, 2014

Good afternoon, everyone. It’s just shy of 90° in Quartzsite at the moment and we aren’t expecting to get too much warmer today. Call number 996 on October 13 came in at

Structure Fire in Desert Gold RV Park

Good morning. During the overnight hours on October 13th, we joined the McMullen Valley Fire Department in responding to this blaze at Desert Gold RV park. While the residence was a total