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Welcome to Quartzsite Fire and Rescue

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From the Quartzsite Police Department – May 17, 2015 For Immediate Release The Quartzsite Police Department is currently searching for three suspects allegedly involved in a shooting Saturday, May 16, 2015 in

Rare Shooting on May 16th

It is a rare event here in the quiet season, but unfortunately violence can touch any place. We can all work together to keep such terrible episodes as rare as possible by

Motor Vehicle Accident – March 1, 2015

At apx. 8:50am, we responded to a minor motor vehicle accident on the exit 17 off-ramp. All potential patients involved refused treatment. Take care while driving in today’s weather.  

That’s One Heck of a Desk Fan You Have There

Looks like folks are getting their cooling fans, swamp coolers and air conditioners ready for summer…. Right now, however, it is 55° in the Quartzsite Fire District. We are looking for a