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2nd Annual Gary & Rose Fraser ChickNic Fundraiser

Good morning, friends it currently 56° with a light breeze in Quartzsite right now. The fog will be clearing out and we’ll see a high temperature of 70°. We are on the

Cadet Matt French Loses His Brass….

It is important that one remain ever vigilant in watching over one’s own brass… Cadet Matt French learned this most recently when he received this lovely bouquet in his brass from Firefighter

Will Aaron Knows Something About Birthing Babies

We want to congratulate Firefighter Will Aaron on his participation in his first childbirth while on duty at 4:20am this morning. He rode in the ambulance with Paramedic Bryan Herrell and helped

The Very Rare Eruption of the Famous Quartzsite Geyser

Aye… We have a Sonoran Desert Whale, Cap’n….