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Welcome to Quartzsite, Arizona

Quartzsite, Arizona is located in La Paz, County approximately 130 miles west of Phoenix on I-10, at the intersection of US 95 and Arizona SR 95.

The Quartzsite Fire District safeguards the town of Quartzsite and the immediate surroundings and provides assistance to communities throughout La Paz County when crises occur.

Year round residents number roughly 3500 while in the ideal winter weather of Quartzsite’s desert (70’s and blue skies) our population swells with guests from all over the United States and Canada, and quite a few from around the world.

Quartzsite is absolutely steeped in American history. “Ft. Tyson” or Tyson Wells was an outpost in the mid 19th century where the Army, settlers, early miners and traders could water themselves and their horses. To start your investigation of Quartzsite history, consider visiting the Quartzsite Museum.

We are home to the memorial to Hadji Ali, known as Hi Jolly, who took part in the experimental US Camel Corps in the late 1850s and 50-odd years later, Wyatt Earp once ran for the office of constable here.

Quartzsite has been a haven to RV’rs, rock hounds, ultralight enthusiasts, offroad racers, treasure hunters, and folks who like boondocking.

This section of our site is to provide residents and guests of the Quartzsite Fire District access to news, health, safety and other information that we hope will keep everyone informed, empowered and connected.

Quartzsite Fire and Rescue is proud to serve our community and our guests. We ask that you be safe and look out for each other – and we’ll be there should you need us.

GPS/Geo Data – (33°39′54″N 114°13′15″W / 33.66500°N 114.22083°W / 33.66500; -114.22083 (33.665116, −114.220913).

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