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Quartzsite, Arizona is nestled in a spacious desert environment that enjoys just over 300 sunny days a year on average. Many have migrated here to escape the snow and assorted torments of winter. In fact, winter temperatures for Quartzsite weather range from mid-70s in November, mid to high 60s in December and January, and mid-70s again in March and April. With temperatures like these, low humidity and big, big skies, it’s difficult to find a better winter climate than Quartzsite.

Quartzsite weather sees about four inches of rainfall per year and those desert summertime temperatures can get above 110 degrees. Quartzsite Fire and Rescue recommends you enjoy outdoor activities with plenty of shaded shelter and lots of water. Umbrellas aren’t just for rainy days, should you have to spend an extended time in desert heat. Always keep water with you when you travel so you can stay hydrated. Consider taking that run early morning, well clear of the peak heat of the day. With proper precautions, the desert summer is a memory maker that you keep with you for life. We look forward to seeing you enjoying a little Quartzsite weather.

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